Subjective Comprehension-XII

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

I am one of those who love the desert, it brings peace to my mind after the daily battle for one's bread. When I am tired of fighting, a green countryside does not allow me to forget my worries, everywhere I can see flowers and trees, birds and beetles continuing the restless struggles before my eyes, each trying hard to win, even if its own life is the death of another.
In the desert, however, the sun is the master, all else retires before its merciless rays. Only where there is water does the earth of the desert give a rich home to trees and flowers; but one has to go a long way to find water in a desert, otherwise it would not be a desert. So those who love the peace of a treeless and grassless place can stand on the top of a rocky hill and see nothing around them but the sunbaked desert, with no signs of effort or passion to disturb them. Then strengthened in spirit, with rested nerves and a peaceful mind, they can return to the battle for existence in the towns.

Ques 1. Why does a green countryside not allow the writer to forget his worries?
Ques 2. Where do trees and flowers grow well in the desert earth?
Ques 3. When those who love the peace of a treeless and grassless place return to the towns, in what ways are they different from when they went out to the desert?
Ques 4. Why does the writer prefer the desert to green places?
Ques 5. Explain briefly what do you understand by the two phrases given below:
  (a) the daily battle for one's bread
  (b) its own life is the death of another

Solution :
Ans 1. Green countryside does not allow the writer to forget his worries. In plants, birds and flowers he feels the struggle going on for survival. The survival is at the cost of others as is the case in the existence of human life.
Ans 2. In the desert, water is very rare. Trees and flowers grow only where water is available.
Ans 3. Those who love peace, find desert more peace-giving than the green country side. There are no signs of struggles in a desert. Standing on a desert land, one is not disturbed by passion for living. There is no sign of life and struggle for survival.
Ans 4. The writer prefers the desert to green places because the deserts are desolate. There is no animal or human life except the sunbaked desert He is not reminded of the struggle of human existence. Calm of his mind returns to him and he is prepared to face the struggle for existence.
Ans 5.
(a) The daily battle for one's bread ......... struggle for earning livelihood for one's survival.
(b) Its own life is the death of another ......... The survival of man depends on the death of others. Only those can survive who have the courage to win victory over others. It is the law of nature.