Subjective Comprehension-III

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

Until very recently, it was universally believed that men are congenitally more intelligent than women, even so enlightened a man as Spinoza decided against votes for women on this ground. Among white men, it is held that white men are by nature superior to men of other colors, and especially to black men; in Japan, on the contrary, its is thought that yellow is the best color. In Haiti, when they make statues of Christ and Satan, they make Christ black and Satan white. Aristotle and Plato considered Greeks so innately superior to barbarians that slavery was justified so long as the master was Greek and the slave barbarian.

Ques 1. Why is in Haiti, Christ's statue is black and Satan's white?
Ques 2. Why did Aristotle and Plato support slavery?
Ques 3. What was Spinoza's ground to cast vote against women?
Ques 4. What does, in fact, the writer want to prove?

Solution :
Ans 1. In Haiti Christ's statue is made black because they consider black to be superior to white. Therefore, Satan's statue is made white.
Ans 2. Aristotle and Plato supported slavery as long as the master was Greek and the slave was a barbarian. They -considered Greeks superior to barbarians.
Ans 3. Spinoza shared universal belief in those days that men were more intelligent by nature than women.
Ans 4. Author wants to show the fallacy of colour prejudice. No individual colour is universally acceptable. Therefore, the idea of superiority of man to woman is as false as colour prejudice.