Subjective Comprehension-XIII

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

Socialism aims, then, at substituting the motive of social service for the motive of private profit. It holds that men will do better work to make the good life, with the leisure and financial competence it requires, possible for a society. In fact in the long run it is better for themselves, than they will at present consent to do for a society which compels them to enrich the exploiters of their labour in order to avoid starvation for themselves. If socialism is wrong in making this assumption, if the psychology of human being is such that they will not work willingly and well for society but only for themselves, then the whole of the socialist edifice falls to the ground, for this doctrine is the foundation upon which it rests. Either men are socially minded in the sense described, or they are not, and cannot be made so.

Ques 1. What is the chief aim of socialism?
Ques 2. Why are men expected to work better in a socialistic set up?
Ques 3. How does the present work that we do for ourselves benefit the exploiters?
Ques 4. What is the basic assumption of socialism that can make it work?
Ques 5. How can socialistic attitude be developed in the citizens?

Solution :
Ans 1. Socialism aims at changing the altitude of man towards work. Citizens are expected to do work as a social service and not for personal profit motive.
Ans 2. In a socialistic set up the concept of work is based on social service. Citizens will do work more efficiently for a society which in the long run is for themselves.
Ans 3. The writer means to say that the present work which we do for ourselves ultimately makes the exploiters rich. It may, however, helps us to avoid starvation for the present.
Ans 4. The basic foundation of the doctrine of socialism is that individuals are supposed to work willingly for all the members of society.
Ans 5. The doctrine of socialism needs change in the psychology of human beings. Social service and not private profit should motivate the members of the society.