Write a letter of condolence to your friend on the death of his father

Write a letter of condolence to your friend on the death of his father

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

My Dear Ritu ,

I am really shocked to learn of your dear father's death in the prime of life. The news was conveyed to me by your cousin who happened to meet me at the bus stand. It was incredible as to how it could happen to a soul like you.

The news is shocking and heart rending. The pity is that your education is still not complete and the responsibility of looking after the family has befallen you. Your elder sister is married but your younger brother is too young to look after himself. You have dual responsibility at this stage of life. Apart from this there is a financial aspect. It is always the case when the only earning member of the family passes away.

In my opinion you should take up a job only after graduation. There is one year left for completing your B.Com. degree. Please don't give up study at this stage. For a brilliant student like you there should not be any problem to get a job. You can acquire higher education while earning. When I told this news to my father, he was moved and promised to do something for you after you have completed your study. Meanwhile, I am at your service and you can bank upon me for anything. I shall never disappoint you. I shall be rather glad to be of some help to you.

I will visit you next week and discuss the matter in detail. Kindly convey our heart felt condolence to your mother & other members of the family. My father has asked me to convey his profound sense of loss on the death of your dear father. May God rest his soul in eternal peace.
Sharing your grief,

Yours sincerely,