Letter of sympathy to your friend on his failure in the entrance test for CPMT

Letter of sympathy to your friend on his failure in the entrance test for CPMT

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2010

My Dear Ajay,

I was shocked not to find your roll number among the successful candidates in the entrance examination of CPMT. I could not believe and was distressed beyond words. It is still unbelievable that a student with 80% of marks in U.P. Board Examination could not clear the test. All of us thought it an easy cake walk for you. But what is more surprising is the success of those candidates who hardly stand any comparison with you in academic field.

You have had the best of guidance at the Institute of repute in the capital who have a splendid record of turning out hundreds of students successful. I remem┬Čber you were confident too. But in the age of cut throat competition, all results are uncertain.

Notwithstanding that you have been studying 16 hours a day, your failure is beyond the comprehension of your friends. You had a dream to become a doctor and share the lucrative practice of your father. I am afraid your father must have been disappointed. However, I have some other idea about this unfortunate incident. It was your first chance. If you persevere and avail yourself of another opportunity, success is bound to come to you. Therefore, please don't take this failure as the end of the road. Competitive examinations have different criterion for success; It is just by slight margin, I believe, you seem to have missed mark. Please keep on your sustained efforts and wait for success.

May God bless you with success!
With best wishes,

Yours affectionately,