Write a letter to a friend what you feel about frequent incidents of violence in India

A friend of yours has gone abroad. He has read in newspaper reports about frequent incidents of violence in India. Write a letter to him what you feel about these incidents.

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

Dear Raman,

I have heard from you after quite long time. You are away but your heart seems to be in India. It is obvious through your letter that you are much concerned about the reports of violence in our country. No doubt, there are frequent incidents of violent terrorism and communal riots. But they are confined to limited pockets of the country at present. For example Kashmir is torn with violence as a result of cross border terrorism. North east of India is afflicted with separatist movements encouraged by China. States of U.P. and Bihar suffer from violence because of communalism and casteism. In fact violence is grad¬ually getting hold of the whole of India. Terrorism seems to have become the destiny of India. As you know, foreign powers are interested in break-up of the country to serve their own ends. Since you left India terrorism and violence have been on the rise. Now these forces are operating throughout the country. Bomb blasts, killings, derailments, kidnappings are just the manifestations of larger evil of terrorism and political motives.

It is sheer folly to blame foreign countries. One must keep one's house in order to keep out siders from interference. For the last 55 years, India has degenerated from United India to a country where separatists group, political parties and religious leaders are busy with their destructive activities. Our political system has, of course, endured the onslaught of the violent and divisive forces. In the process, the erosion of democratic values has been continuously taking place. Election of incompetent political leaders and their unethical strategy to grab power has demoralized a common peaceful citizen.

The need of the hour is to look beyond the political power at the cost of the unity of the country. Country is on the brink of social disaster. The remedy lies only with the political leaders. A common man is quite hopeful of some sagacious leader emerging out of chaos to save the country from the perils of disintegra¬tion. Your concern about our country deserves appreciation. But rest assured that the largest chunk of population cherish peace and prosperity in the country. As long as the majority strive for peace, no harm can come to the country.

I hope you are doing well in your studies. I look forward to your visit. When you come we will discuss these matters in details.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,