Write a letter to your father about your painful experience of college hostel life

Write a letter to your father about your painful experience of college hostel life

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

Dear father,

I have been allotted a seat in hostel. I had not to face any problem in getting seat in the hostel because students were admitted to hostel only on the basis of merit list prepared on the basis of last examination results.

The early days in college were quite taxing because of ragging of the fresher’s. Ragging in college did not pose any serious problem because fresher’s moved in groups. Even then the seniors indulged in every kind of nuisance making life intolerable for fresh entrants.

For the last two days I have been in real trouble. Since I joined hostel, I have not been able to pass a single hour in my room. When I returned to my room two days back after attending college, I was shocked to find that my room had been ransacked. All my clothes, time piece and eatables were missing. I was stunned. There was nobody to tell me what had actually happened. Moreover I could not muster up courage to report the matter to the warden. I was warned that if I did so, I would be thrashed. Even my room partner did not help me in the crisis. He appeared to be in league with the other inmates of the hostel. I was in a dilemma as to what to do. Even money lying in my box was missing. It was raining very hard that day. There was no help from any quarter. The warden also passed by me watching my plight. I was in a fit of rage and lost control over myself at mid night.

Therefore, I had no alternative but to face the challenge on my own. I went to the residence of the Principal and narrated to him what had happened to me. Immediately, the Principal called the warden and ordered him to get my goods restored in no time and punish the guilty. He warned him that if this kind of ragging went on, the students would be scared to join College. He also repri¬manded the warden. Only then all my things were recovered at 2 a.m. It is a most painful experience of my life. However, since then ragging has ended both in college and hostel premises. Now every thing is peaceful. There is no problem and I have started devoting time to study.
With regards to respected mother and love to Ritu & Raja.

Yours affectionately,