Write a letter to your father apologizing for your past mistakes

Write a letter to your father apologizing for your past mistakes, assuring him that you have realized your mistakes convincing him that your behaviour will be exemplary in future

Delhi Public School,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

Respected father ,

Last week I received your letter. I can understand how embarrassed you must have felt on receiving my Principal's letter. You have been rightly informed that I am not paying due attention to my studies. I know you are annoyed with me at my conduct and reckless behaviour. Your letter was full of anger and reproach. After receiving your letter, I realized that I was deceiving you. I have hurt your feelings and sentiments. This all happened because of the bad company that I had been keeping. I started neglecting my studies and became a truant.

Last month the Principal reprimanded me for the negligence of studies on my part. He even advised me to keep from bad company. I paid no heed to him. It seems that I was blinded by the pleasure that I was seeking in rowdy activities. But now I am repenting.

You have always trusted me. You have left no stone unturned for the quality education of your children. My academic record has always been outstanding and you have certain expectations from me. Believe me, this year also I won't disappoint you. You have done so much for me with your limited income. I am really very sorry for my irresponsible behaviour in the past few months. I hope you will excuse me for the past mistakes.

In future, rest assured, I will never give you a chance for complaint. Trust me, I have once again started working hard. I have requested my teachers to forgive me and help me in my study. I hope that you, too, will forgive me and convey forgiveness to let me feel at peace.

I am anxiously looking forward to your reply. Please do convey my warm regards to respected mother and love to Sonia.
With best regards,

Yours affectionately,