Basic of Computer

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Computer is one of the marvellous inventions of the recent times. It has grown beyond its original purpose of computing. Today, it is used in all walks of human life. Its applications range from simple data entry to complex global electronic commerce, and online training to technology development. Ever since its invention, the power of computer has been growing rapidly. Strangely enough, the cost of hardware has been declining by the year. A large number of application software packages are now available that make computers highly productive, versatile and easy to use. Some of the most popular areas of computer use today include telecommunications, transportation, education and training, entertainment, publishing, military and police, engineering, production, healthcare and electronic Commerce. The use of computer is spreading to more virgin areas of human activities to make life more comfortable and leisurely.

The computer we see today is quite different from the one made in the beginning. The number of applications of a computer has increased, the speed and accuracy of calculation has increased. You must appreciate the impact of computers in our day to day life. Reservation of tickets in Air Lines and Railways, payment of telephone and electricity bills, deposits and withdrawals of money from banks, business data processing, medical diagnosis, weather forecasting, etc. are some of the areas where computer has become extremely useful.

1. Defination a computer.
2. Identify characteristics of computer.
3. Know the origin and evolution of computer.
4. Identify capability of computer in terms of speed and accuracy
5. Distinguish computer from human beings and calculator
6. Identify the role of computer.
7. Appreciate the evolution of computer through five generations
8. Parts of computer.
9. Computer peripheral Devices.
10. General MCQ question on Basic Computer

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