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Fourth Generation of Computer

Fouth Generation of mordern computer (1975 - 1989)

The period of fourth generation was 1971-1980.The fourth generation computers were made using very large scale integration technology. Tens of thousands of components were packed on a single chip, the size of a fingernail. It led to the development of microprocessor. Magnetic core memories were replaced by semiconductor memories. Personal computer operating systems were developed during this period.
Graphic User Interface (GUI) technology was exploited to offer more comfort to users. PCs became more affordable and widespread during this period.
A significant development in software was the development of concurrent programming languages like ADA. Another notable development was the introduction of interactive graphic devices and language interfaces to graphic systems .

Fourth Generation of Computer Image

Advantages of Fourth Generatin of Computer

» More powerful and reliable than previous generations.
» Small in size
» Fan for heat discharging and thus to keep cold.
» Fast processing power with less power consumption
» No air conditioning required.
» Totally general purpose
» Less need of repair.
» Commercial production
» All types of High level languages can be used in this type of computers
» Cheapest among all generations

Disadvantages of Fourth Generatin of Computer

» The latest technology is required for manufacturing of Microprocessors.

Example of Third Generation of Computer

2. Apple II
3. VAX 9000
5. DEC 10
6. STAR 1000

Other generation of computer

1. First Generation of Computer (1946 - 1954)
2. Second Generation of Computer (1955 - 1964)
3. Third Generation of Computer (1965 - 1974)
5. Fifth Generation of Computer (1990 onwards)