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A plotter is a special kind of output device that like a printer produces images on paper but does so in a different way. Plotters are designed to produce large drawings or images, such as construction plans for buildings or blueprints for mechanical objects. A plotter can be connected to the port normally used by a printer.
An array of different colored pens in a clip rack and a robotic arm is part of plotter. The instructions that a plotter receives from a computer consist of a color, and beginning and ending coordinates for a line. With that information, the plotter picks up the appropriate pen through its arm, positions it at the beginning coordinates drops the pen down to the surface of the paper and draws to the ending coordinates. Plotters draw curves by creating a sequence of very short straight lines.

Plotters usually come in two designs

1. Flat Bed
2. Drum

Flat Bed

Plotters of small size to be kept on table with restriction of paper size.

Flat Bed Plotter


These plotters are of big size using rolls of paper of unlimited length.

Drum Plotter