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Analytical Engine & Harvard Mark-I

Analytical Engine

The Analytical Engine was a mechanical computer that can solve any mathematical problem. It was invented by Charles Babbage a scientist form England invented in 1833. It uses punch-cards similar to those used by the Jacquard loom and can perform simple conditional operations.
For this great invention of the computer, Sir Charles Babbage is also known as the father of the computer.

Analytical Engine image

Harvard Mark I

The Harvard Mark-I completed in 1944, It was about 5-ton computer.This computers were electro-mechanical, which means they used mechanical components as part of the computing process. The Harvard Mark I was one of many such machines, but it is unique because a team of engineers at IBM were involved in its creation.
The Harvard Mark-I read instructions via paper taper. It lacked many of the features of modern computers but inspired additional work both at Harvard (where it ended up) and at IBM (which helped to engineer it).

Harvard Mark I