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Video Input Device

Video Input Device

Video input is provided to the computer using video camera and digital camera. Video camera can capture full motion video images. The images are digitized and can be compressed and stored in the computer disk. Webcam is a common video camera device. It is placed on the computer above the screen to capture the images of the user who is working on the computer. A video capture card allows the user to connect video devices like camcorders to the computer.

Web camera

Video Input Device ( Web camera )

Digital camera works like video camera but can capture still images. The digital camera digitizes images, compresses them and stores them on a memory card like flash memory. The information from the digital camera can be brought into the computer and stored. The video files can be edited using software like VLC media player. Computer vision is an area of computer science that deals with images. Computer vision has applications in areas like robotics and industrial processing.