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Types of Flowcharts

Types of Flowcharts

Besides the three levels of detail used to categorize flowcharts, there are three main types of flowcharts: linear, deployment, and opportunity. The level of detail can be depicted as macro, mini, or micro for each of these types.

The viewgraphs that accompany the explanation below will show how one process produce the Plan of the Day (POD), which might be depicted using one of the following flowchart types:

1. Linear flowchart

A linear flowchart is a diagram that displays the sequence of work steps that make up a process. This tool can help to identify rework and redundant or unnecessary steps within a process.

2. Deployment flowchart

A deployment flowchart shows the actual process flow and identifies the people or groups involved in each step. Horizontal lines define customer-supplier relationships. This type of chart shows where the people or groups fit into the process sequence, and how they relate to one another throughout the process.