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Audio Input Device

Source data entry devices

Source data entry devices are used for audio input, video input and to enter the source document directly to the computer. Source data entry devices do not require data to be typed-in, keyed-in or pointed to a particular location.

Audio Input Device

Audio input can be provided to the computer using human voice or speech. Audio input to the computer can be used for different purposes. It can be used for making telephone calls, for audio and video conferencing over Internet, to record voice, to create audio files and embed these files to be sent over e-mail, or, to translate spoken words into text, etc.

Audio input devices like a microphone is used to input a person’s voice into the computer. A sound card translates analog audio signals from microphone into digital codes that the computer can store and process. Sound card also translates back the digital sound into analog signals that can be sent to the speakers. Translating spoken words into text is also known as speech recognition or voice recognition. The audio input along with the software for voice recognition forms the speech recognition system or voice recognition system.

Audio input devices

Audio input devices ( Microphone )

The computer can be operated using voice commands. The user can dictate the commands to the computer, instead of typing them. The computer has to be trained to recognize the voice of user using the speech patterns and pronunciation of words. The system thus adapts to the voice of user. Speech recognition systems are costly and difficult to develop. They are generally used by people who have difficulty in typing, people with disabilities or by corporate world for dictation. Audio input can be recorded on an mp3 recorder and provided as an input to computer. Open source software like Audacity is used for recording and editing of audio files