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Computer Hardware

A computer's hardware components are the parts you can touch. Computer hardware is the physical part of the computer. The smallest hardware component that can still perform computations is the computer chip. A computer chip is composed of semi-conductors and tiny wires laid out on top of thin wafers of silicon. Layers of wire and semi-conductors sandwiched between layers of silicon comprise a computer chip. The semi-conductors can be configured to represent either a 0 or a 1 when electricity is supplied to them. The configuration of most computer chips cannot be changed once they are built and most kinds of hardware are thus said to be 'hard-wired'.

Examples of computer hardware would include

Primary Components

» Motherboard or Mainboards
» Central Processing Unit (CPU)
» Memory (RAM)
» Disk Drives

Peripherals Components

» Modems
» Printers
» Scanners
» Digital Cameras
» Keyboard
» Mouse