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The Input-Process-Output Concept

The Input-Process-Output Concept

A computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes data, generates output, and stores data. The concept of generating output information from the input 4 data is also referred to as input-process-output concept.

The input-process-output concept of the computer is explained as follows—


The computer accepts input data from the user via an input device like keyboard. The input data can be characters, word, text, sound, images, document, etc.


The computer processes the input data. For this, it performs some actions on the data by using the instructions or program given by the user of the data. The action could be an arithmetic or logic calculation, editing, modifying a document, etc. During processing, the data, instructions and the output are stored temporarily in the computer’s main memory.


The output is the result generated after the processing of data. The output may be in the form of text, sound, image, document, etc. The computer may display the output on a monitor, send output to the printer for printing, play the output, etc.


The input data, instructions and output are stored permanently in the secondary storage devices like disk or tape. The stored data can be retrieved later, whenever needed.

The Input-Process-Output Concept

The Input-Process-Output Concept