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Voice Recognition Systems & Digital Cameras

Voice Recognition Systems

A special microphone is used to capture voice as input. It converts the voice into electrical pulses and then into digital signals for onward transmission to a computer for processing. A voice recognition system is provided with digital patterns of a limited vocabulary of words and phrases. The system operating in a training mode learns to recognise voice patterns by comparing the spoken input with the stored digital patterns. After identifying the input, the voice system generates appropriate code for the machine to accept input and operate. Voice recognition systems are very useful in offices for word processing. A manager can directly dictate letters and notes to a word processor through a speech recognition system. Similarly, the system can accept oral commands and execute them. These systems are yet to become popular.

Voice Recognition Systems

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are used to capture images and they can record the images on reusable floppy disks. Images are used with a digitiser for input to the computer. Once the image input is stored in computer, the image can be used in any application.

digital camera