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Fifth Generation of Computer

Fifth Generation of mordern computer (1990 onwards)

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology gave way to Ultra Large Scale Integration that led to the development of microprocessor chip with several million electronic components on each. Powerful laptops, notebook PCs and desktops were the other developments during this period.
The fifth generation is essentially about a new super-breed of computers. These computers will be able to think and take decisions. Artificial Intelligence is being built into the computer. The revolutionary parallel processing is being used in the new breed of computers in place of conventional Von Neumann architecture.
On the software front, effort is being directed at developing languages to cope with su,h new generation computers. Languages known as functional languages and object-oriented languages such as C++ have been developed during this generation. Development of more user-friendly operating systems like MS Windows and Lynux, and Lynux based software products are the other developments during this period.

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Advantages of Fifth Generatin of Computer

» These computers are much faster than other generation computers.
» It is easier to repair these computers.
» These computers are much smaller in size than other generation computers
» They are portable and easy to handle.
» Development of true artificial intelligence.
» Advancement in Parallel Processing.
» Advancement in Superconductor technology.

Disadvantages of Fifth Generatin of Computer

» They tend to be sophisticated and complex tools.
» hey can give more power to companies to watch what you are doing and even allow them to infect your computer.

Example of Third Generation of Computer

1. Desktop
2. Laptop
3. NoteBook
4. UltraBook
5. ChromeBook

Other generation of computer

1. First Generation of Computer (1946 - 1954)
2. Second Generation of Computer (1955 - 1964)
3. Third Generation of Computer (1965 - 1974)
4. Fourth Generation of Computer (1975 - 1989)