Write a letter to your mother about your intention of marrying out of your caste without any dowry

Write a letter to your mother about your intention of marrying out of your caste without any dowry

F - 35, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi,
August 10, 2019

Dear Mother ,

Last time when I visited Jhansi I gave a hint to you that you should not accept any proposal for my marriage. I did not have the courage to tell you that I had developed a liking for a colleague of mine, working with me in the hospital. You would like her most when you meet her. She has amiable nature and belongs to a status family like ours. The only drawback from your point of view may be that she belongs to Brahmin caste. To me, caste is no qualification for a compatible marriage. It is the character & the value based life that determine the success in marriage.

Moreover, I have made up my mind not to accept dowry. The reasons are obvious. She is as much qualified as I am. Her parents have already spent a lot of money on her education. Taking of dowry has no justification. Even other¬wise you know my views on accepting dowry. I know that the questions of caste and dowry might be disappointing to you but it is I who have to decide about my future and career prospects. Both of us can earn our livelihood honorably supplementing family income. After proper experience we can run our own nursing-home. I know all these considerations have no force for you and dear father because you treat marriage as a social event. But for me its is a personal decision. My choice of a life partner is entirely my own because it is I who have to lead a life with her.

I don't mean to hurt your sentiments. I have conveyed my views about my marriage. If you agree her parents can approach you with the proposal for marriage. Otherwise please don't think of my marriage with any other girl. You suggested few names but I was not in a position to refuse to your face.

With regards to dear father and love to Reena and Varun,

Yours affectionately,