Vijayanagar Empire

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Vijayanagar Empire (1336 - 1565 AD)

» Vijayanagar kingdom and the city were founded by Harihar and Bukka (sons of Sangama) who were feudatories of Kakatiyas and later became minister in the court of Kampili.
» Vijayanagar kingdom lay in the Deccan, to the south of the Bahmani kingdom.
» Vijayanagar period can be divided into four distinct dynasties viz. Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva and Aravidu.

The Sangama Dynasty ( 1336 - 1485 AD )

Harihara I and Bukka I (1336-56)

They laid the foundation of Vijaya-nagar. Vijayanagar-Bahamani conflict began with the foundation of kingdoms, dash of interests in three areas: Raichur doab (between Krishna and Tungabhadra), Krishna-Godavari delta and Marathwada.

Bukka I (1356-79)

Bukka I strengthened the city of Vidyanagar and renamed it Vijayanagar. He restored harmony between the warring Vaishnavas and the Jains. The Rais of Malabar, Ceylon and other countries kept ambassadors at his court.

Hanhar II (1379-1404)

Bukka I was succeeded by his son Harihar II.

Deva Raya I (1406-22)

He was the third son of Harihara II. His greatest achievement was his irrigation works where a dam was built across Tungabhadra, with canals leading to the city.Nicolo de conti visited Vijayanagar during his reign.

Deva Raya II (1423-46)

He was the grandson of Deva Raya I. Ahmad Shah I of Bahamani invaded Vijayanagar and exacted a war indemnity. Deva Raya began the practice of employing Muslim cavaliymen and archers in the army on large scale (Their induction had began during Deva Raya I). He was called Praudh Deva Raya. In his inscriptions ho has the title of Gajabetekara (the elephant hunter). Sri Lanka paid a regular tribute to him. He had learning for Vira Shavism, yet he respected other religions. Dindima was the court poet, whereas Srinatha was given the title of 'Kavisarvabhauma'. AbdurRazzak, the envoy of Shah Rukh visited Vijayanagar during his reign.

The Saluva Dynasty ( 1486 - 1505 AD )

Saluva Narsimha (1486-91)

He founded the Saluva dynasty.

Tirumal (1491) and Immadi Narasimha (1491-1505)

Both were minors during the regency of Narsa Nayaka- Vosco Da Gama landed in Calicut during his reign in 1498.

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