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Buddha's Life

» Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, was born in 563 BC (widely accepted) on the vaisakha Purnima day at Lumbinivana (Rummindehi District, Nepal) in the Sakya Kshatriya clan.
» His father Suddhodhana was the republican king of Kapilvastu and mother Mahamaya was a princess of Kollia republic.
» After his mother's early death, he was brought up by his step mother and aunt Mahaprajapati Gautami.
» His father married him at an early age to Yasodhara (Princess of Shakya dynasty) from whom he had a son Rahul.
» Four sights-an old man, a diseased person, a dead body and an ascetic-proved to be a turning point in his carrier.
» At the age of 29, he renounced home, this was his Mahabhinishkramana (great going forth) and became a wandering ascetic.
» His first teacher was Alara Kalama (Sankhya philosopher) from whom he learnt the technique of meditation.
» At the age of 35, under a pipal tree at Uruvella (Bodh Gaya) on the bank of river Niranjarta (modem name Falgu) he attained Nirvana (enlightenment) after 49 days of continuous meditation; now he was a fully enlightened (Buddha or Tathagat).
» Buddha delivered his first sermon at Sarnath (Dear park) to his five disciples, this is known as Dharmachakra Pravartana (Turning of the wheel of law).
» He died at the age of 80 in 483 BC at Kushinagar (identical with the village Kasia in Kushinagar district of U.P.). This is known as Mahaparinirvana (Final Blowing out).
» Kanthaka - Budhha’s horse Channa - Buddha's charioteer ,Devadatta - Buddha's cousin, Sujata - the farmer's daughter who gave him rice milk at Bodh Gaya and Other names of Buddha-Gautama (Clan name), Siddharta(Childhood name), Shakya Muni.

Doctrine of Buddhism

Chatwari Arya Satyani (Four Noble Truths)

It is the essence of Buddhism
  1. Life is full of sorrow (Dukha) : Sabbam Dukkam.
  2. There are causes of sorrow (Dukha Samudaya) : Dwadash Nidan or Pratitya Samutpada.
  3. This sorrow can be stopped (Dukha Nirodha) : Nirvana.
  4. There is a path leading to the cessation of sorrow (Dukha Nirodha Gamini Pratipada) : Ashtangika Marga.