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Advantages of Computer Networks

Advantages of Computer Networks

File sharing

The major advantage of a computer network is that is allows file sharing and remote file access. A person sitting at one workstation that is connected to a network can easily see files present on another workstation, provided he is authorized to do so.

Resource sharing

All computers in the network can share resources such as printers, fax machines, modems, and scanners.

Better connectivity and communications

It allows users to connect and communicate with each other easily. Various communication applications included e-mail and groupware are used. Through e-mail, members of a network can send message and ensure safe delivery of data to other members, even in their absence.

Internet access

Computer networks provide internet service over the entire network. Every single computer attached to the network can experience the high speed internet.


Many games and other means of entertainment are easily available on the internet. Furthermore, Local Area Networks (LANs) offers and facilitates other ways of enjoyments, such as many players are connected through LAN and play a particular game with each other from remote location.

Inexpensive System

Shared resources mean reduction in hardware costs. Shared files mean reduction in memory requirement, which indirectly means reduction in file storage expenses. A particular software can be installed only once on the server and made available across all connected computers at once. This saves the expense of buying and installing the same software as many times for as many users.

Flexible access

A user can log on to a computer anywhere on the network and access his files. This offers flexibility to the user as to where he should be during the course of his routine.

Instant and multiple access

Computer networks are multiply processed .many of users can access the same information at the same time. Immediate commands such as printing commands can be made with the help of computer networks.