General English

Cloze Test Passage - V

Fill up the blanks in the passage given below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank

The king of Rampur was not (1).....The following story proves that. Once he paid a (2)........to a town away from his capital.

The king’s staff governing the town welcomed the king. As per the king’s desire a (3)........of the renowned people of the town was called at night. The people (4)........the king and bestowed their praise on him and all sat down to listen to (5).......the king had to tell them.

Suddenly the lantern gave away. It became very dark. “Light the lantern !” ordered the king to his servants. Five minutes passed. The king shouted to know there was (6).......in lighting the lantern. “My Lord, I am (7).........to lay my hand on the match box. It is so dark!” replied the servant . “Fool !” screamed the king (8).......... . If that is the case, why (9)........you light the candle first? You can certainly (10)......the match box with the help of the candle.

1. (a) kind (b) cruel (c) generous (d) wise (e) brave
2. (a) homage (b) visit (c) donation (d) fund (e) contribution
3. (a) meeting (b) majority (c) procession (d) survey (e) list
4. (a) bowed (b) surrendered (c) greeted (d) offered (e) complained
5. (a) carefully (b) about (c) which (d) all (e) what
6. (a) difficulty (b) time (c) patience (d) delay (e) haste
7. (a) unable (b) looking (c) confident (d) ready (e) trying
8. (a) loudly (b) angrily (c) anxiously (d) happily (e) pertinently
9. (a) must (b) should (c) don’t (d) did (e) do
10. (a) watch (b) try (c) touch (d) light (e) locate

Answers :
(1) (d), (2) (b), (3) (a), (4) (c), (5) (e),
(6) (d), (7) (a), (8) (b), (9) (c), (10) (e).