General English

Cloze Test Passage - XVIII

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. The numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words

The world economy is in recession, the deepest and the most widespread (1).....the 1930s. There are (2).....of (3).....in the industrial countries, but most serious economic (4).....anticipate the rates of growth and levels of economic activity will remain low.

In all that has been written about world (5).....the (6).....have been overwhelmingly and narrowly economic. Few have (7).....the human consequences in more than a superficial manner. Not a single international study has (8).....the recession’s (9).....on the most vulnerable half of the world’s population—the children.

The need for (10).....clearly the contrast between world economic conditions and child welfare has thus, become even more urgent in the last few years. The world scale of current child distress also makes it artificial to restrict the analysis of causes to the national level.

1. (a) in (b) for (c) by (d) before (e) since
2. (a) risks (b) glimmers (c) studies (d) tips (e) histories
3. (a) development (b) downfall (c) recovery (d) slackness (e) impact
4. (a) analysts (b) journalists (c) surveys (d) findings (e) students
5. (a) development (b) economy (c) wars (d) recession (e) conflicts
6. (a) emphasis (b) aims (c) glimpses (d) supposition (e) preoccupations
7. (a) delved (b) taught (c) propagated (d) investigated (e) manifested
8. (a) understood (b) analysed (c) highlighted (d) prepared (e) planned
9. (a) analysis (b) undercurrents (c) impact (d) overtures (e) study
10. (a) chalking out (b) curbing (c) bringing out (d) implementing (e) propagating

Answers :
(1) (e), (2) (a), (3) (d), (4) (a), (5) (b), (6) (b), (7) (a), (8) (b), (9) (c), (10) (c).