General English

Cloze Test Passage - XV

Fill up the blanks in the passage given below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank

From that moment his life became intolerable. He passed his days in apprehension of each succeeding night; and (1).....night the vision (2).....back again. As soon as he (3).....locked himself up in his room he (4).....to struggle; but in vain. An (5).....force lifted him up and pushed him (6).....the glass, as if to call the phantom and before long he saw it (7).....in the spot where the crime was (8).....lying with arms and legs outspread the way the body (9).....found. Then the dead girl (10).....and came toward him with little steps just as the child had done when she came out of the river.

1. (a) all (b) each (c) every
2. (a) comes (b) come (c) came
3. (a) had been (b) had (c) was
4. (a) strives (b) strived (c) strove
5. (a) compelling (b) irresistible (c) overwhelming
6. (a) upon (b) towards (c) against
7. (a) laid (b) lying (c) laying
8. (a) perpetrated (b) done (c) committed
9. (a) has been (b) had been (c) was
10. (a) stood up (b) raised up (c) rose up

Answers :
(1) (c), (2) (c), (3) (b), (4) (c), (5) (b), (6) (b), (7) (b), (8) (c), (9) (b), (10) (a).