General English

Cloze Test Passage - III

Fill up the blanks in the passage given below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank

Someone (1)........at the door. A lady opened it. A stranger was standing at the (2)........He said, “Madam, please excuse me for.......... (3) you. May I ask you something ? I (4)......by your house everyday on my (5).........to work, I have (6).........that every day you hit your son on (7).........head with a loaf of bread.” The lady replied, “Yes, that’s (8).......”. The stranger asked, “This morning, I saw you (9)......him with a chocolate. Why (10)......? The lady replied, ‘‘Today is his birthday. Therefore I hit him with a sweet thing.”

1. (a) pointed (b) knocked (c) looked (d) moved (e) stood
2. (a) fence (b) gate (c) compound (d) door (e) step
3. (a) disturbing (b) harassing (c) asking (d) enquiring (e) worrying
4. (a) wait (b) watch (c) stand (d) pass (e) connect
5. (a) office (b) steps (c) legs (d) journey (e) way
6. (a) decided (b) felt (c) noticed (d) remembered (e) surprised
7. (a) your (b) his (c) my (d) our (e) fore
8. (a) right (b) obvious (c) surprising (d) clear (e) funny
9. (a) feeding (b) bestowing (c) giving (d) hitting (e) offering
10. (a) bread (b) then (c) so (d) change (e) thus

Answers :
(1) (b), (2) (b), (3) (a), (4) (d), (5) (e), (6) (c), (7) (b), (8) (a), (9) (d), (10) (c).