General English

Cloze Test Passage - XVI

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words in each case

Do women (1).....leadership differently from what men do ? And it so, will feminine leadership (2).....where (3).....leadership does not ? A recent study suggests somewhat paradoxically that female managers (4).....their male (5).....even when the personal characteristics of both are very (6).....of the two schools of thought, the structuralist theory argues that men and women do not receive the same treatment in the workplace and that stamping out (7).....bias would stamp out the observed (8)..... In contrast, the socialisation theory contends that men and women experience work differently because men seek work as more (9).....to their lives. These (10).....explanations, apart, today business appears to be undergoing a feminisation of leadership.

1. (a) exercise (b) undertake (c) authorise (d) empower (e) tolerate
2. (a) affect (b) succeed (c) compete (d) progress (e) dominate
3. (a) traditional (b) charismatic (c) masculine (d) benevolent (e) authoritarian
4. (a) outlive (b) outcast (c) outwork (d) outstand (e) outdo
5. (a) employees (b) subordinates (c) managers (d) counterparts (e) superiors
6. (a) minimal (b) distinct (c) unique (d) similar (e) constant
7. (a) employment (b) ulture (c) gender (d) class (e) category
8. (a) variations (b) discriminations (c) resemblances (d) distortions (e) equalities
9. (a) needy (b) desperate (c) preliminary (d) trivial (e) central
10. (a) contradictory (b) corresponding (c) discriminating (d) analogical (e) identical

Answers :
(1) (a), (2) (b), (3) (c), (4) (e), (5) (d), (6) (d), (7) (a), (8) (b), (9) (e), (10) (a).