General English

Cloze Test Passage - XXVIII

In the following passage at certain points, you are given a choice of five words marked as (a), (b), (c), (d)and (e) . Choose the best word out of these five

The (1)......of a survey by the National institute of (2)......health give (3)......for (4)...... . According to the survey about 14 million people in Indian are affected (5)......mental (6)......at any point of time. In the case of mentally ill, it is (7)......enough difficult to (8)......them, let alone (9)......them. The most (10)......are those in the (11)......areas, for whatever (12)......for the mentally sick exist are concentrated around major urban centres.

1. (a) verdicts (b) decisions (c) judgements (d) measures (e) findings
2. (a) spiritual (b) psychical (c) social (d) physical (e) mental
3. (a) food (b) cause (c) purpose (d) support (e) reinforcement
4. (a) alarm (b) discontent (c) fear (d) dissatisfaction (e) vexation
5. (a) dangerous (b) strong (c) serious (d) fatal (e) important
6. (a) disorder (b) perturbation (c) dislocation (d) confusion (e) involvement
7. (a) seldom (b) occasionally (c) often (d) hardly (e) never
8. (a) cure (b) recognize (c) identify (d) select (e) rehabilitate
9. (a) facilitate (b) guide (c) cure (d) advice (e) treat
10. (a) indifferent (b) neglected (c) careless (d) abandoned (e) serious
11. (a) urban (b) rural (c) forest (d) suburban (e) metropolitan
12. (a) facilities (b) advantages (c) avenues (d) remedies (e) solicitations

Answers :
(1) (e), (2) (e), (3) (b), (4) (a), (5) (c),
(6) (a), (7) (c), (8) (c), (9) (c), (10) (b), (11) (b), (12) (a).