Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Para Jumbles - III

In these questions, each passage consists of six sentences. The first and the sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences in each have been removed and jumbled up. These are labelled P,Q,R and S. You are required to find out the proper sequence of the four sentences from the given alternatives (a), (b), (c) and (d)

Ques 1.
S1 : In 1945, America faced two powerful enemies in the World War.
S6 : This was the weapon that ended the second World War.
P : America found conventional weapons insufficient to crush them.
Q : These were Germany and Japan who posed strong opposition to America.
R : The result of this was the production of the Atom bomb.
S : The government ordered scientists to conduct research and produce a new, deadly weapon.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) Q P S R
(b) P Q R S
(c) Q P R S
(d) P Q S R
Ques 2.
S1 : Advertising is also advantageous to the consumer in that if it increases the sale of goods, industry prospers and prices may be reduced.
S6 : Advertising of this particular kind is planned to stimulate new wants or to induce buyers to change their habits.
P : There is no obvious connection, for example between a picture of a smiling girl and a certain brand sweets.
Q : The advertiser’s assumption is that by looking at such pictures, the consumer would be influenced to buy his products.
R : On the other hand, much of the canvassing of which the consumer is the object does not convey information but endeavours merely to draw the public attention to certain products.
S : But most people like looking at pictures of pretty girls.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) R Q S P
(b) S P R Q
(c) R P S Q
(d) S Q R P

Ques 3.
S1 : We are living in an age in which technology has suddenly ‘annihilated distance.’
S6 : In that event, we should be dooming ourselves to wipe each other out.
P : We have never been so conscious of our variety as we are now that we have come to such close quarters.
Q : Physically we are now all neighbours, but psychologically we are still strangers to each other.
R : Are we going to let this consciousness of our variety make us fear and hate each other ?
S : How are we going to react ?
The proper sequence should be :
(a) Q P S R
(b) Q P R S
(c) P R Q S
(d) S R P Q

Ques 4.
S1 : Mom was pleased to receive your wishes on her birthday.
S6 : Your Mom has forgotten all the bitterness and sends her blessings to you.
P : Girl ! wishes are more powerful than any things in the world.
Q : Both of us had forgotten the day.
R : Your letter holds a proof of it.
S : It was your letter and the card which reminded us of it.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) P S Q R
(b) Q R S P
(c) R Q S P
(d) Q S P R

Ques 5.
S1 : A century ago, the cinema was just a mechanical toy.
S6 : Finally, it has evolved as the century’s most potent and versatile art form.
P : Thus, it gained respectability and acceptance.
Q : It gradually came to be considered as an art form of the new era.
R : By the 1920s, even its worst critics had to take it seriously.
S : Later it was viewed as an extension of photography.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) P Q R S
(b) S Q R P
(c) S P Q R
(d) Q R S P

Answers :
(1) (a), (2) (c), (3) (b), (4) (d), (5) (d).