Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Para Jumbles - II

The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph

Ques 1. (A) He felt justified in by passing Congress altogether on a variety of moves.
(B) At time he was fighting the entire Congress.
(C) Bush felt he had a mission to restore power to the presidency.
(D) Bush was not fighting just the democrats.
(E) Representative democracy is a messy business and a CEO of the White House does not like a legislature of second guessers and time wasters.
Ques 2. (A) The two neighbours never fought each other.
(B) Fights involving three male fiddler crabs have been recorded, but the status of the participants was unknown.
(C) They pushed or grappled only with the intruder.
(D) We recorded 17 cases, in which a resident that was fighting an intruder was joined by an immediate neighbour, an ally.
(E) We, therefore, tracked 268 intruder males until we saw them fighting a resident male.

Ques 3.
(A) In the west, Allied Forces had fought their way through Southern Italy as far as Rome.
(B) In June 1944, Germany’s military position in II World War appeared hopeless.
(C) In Britain, the task of amassing the men and materials for the liberation of Northern Europe had been completed.
(D) The Red Army was poised to drive the Nazis back through Poland.
(E) The situation on the Eastern front was catastrophic.

Answers :
(1) (d), (2) (a), (3) (b).