Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Fill in the Blanks - V

In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces in the given sentences. Below each sentence there are five pair of words denoted by numbers (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete

Ques 1. It is.......for every tax payer to.....the tax returns to the Income Tax Department.
(a) necessary, lodge
(b) binding, pay
(c) obligatory, submit
(d) possible, remit
(e) worthwhile, evade
Ques 2. The.....of glory lead but to the...... .
(a) ways, happiness
(b) acts, prosperity
(c) paths, grave
(d) achievements, suffering
(e) None of these
Ques 3. If we do not in our industry, we will have to........a grave problem.
(a) normal, experience
(b) proper, face
(c) adequate, catch
(d) intensive, aggravate
(e) preventive, solve
Ques 4. He shifted to his late parent’s house not because of provided but for urely.........reasons.
(a) convenience, sentimental
(b) satisfaction, aesthetic
(c) reasons, monetary
(d) comforts, personal
(e) benefit, extraneous
Ques 5. The increasing revival of dramatic classics is to one critic,.......; it seems to him a sign of ........of the modern theatre.
(a) auspicious, resurgence
(b) tragic, anaemia
(c) incomprehensible, paradox
(d) astounding, liveline
(e) None of these
Ques 6. The activities of the association have.........from the.........objectives set for it in the initial years.
(a) grown, simple
(b) deviated, original
(c) details, grand
(d) emerged, total
(e) increased, perverse
Ques 7. Those suffering from glaucoma find that is.......and that they can no longer see objects not directly in front of them.
(a) optical, distorted
(b) peripheral, impaired
(c) prephrastic, demurred
(d) peripatetic, diminished
Ques 8. .........the broker had warned him that the stock was a..........investment, he insisted on buying a thousand shares.
(a) because, prudent
(b) since, negligible
(c) because, speculative
(d) as, vulnerable
(e) although, precarious
Ques 9. Due to......rainfall this year, they had to.....cut in water supply.
(a) scantly, lift
(b) heavy, regulate
(c) regular, clamp
(d) sufficient, enforce
(e) inadequate, impose
Ques 10. He is so.....that everyone is help in his work.
(a) helpful, reluctant
(b) aloof, cooperative
(c) adamant, enthusiastic
(d) miserly, ignorant
(e) magnanimous, eager

Ques 11. Instead of.........prove your worth by......something.
(a) begging, demanding
(b) talking, doing
(c) worrying, paying
(d) writing, reading
(e) donating, demanding
Ques 12. The great scientist........himself with ability and modernation all......the conference.
(a) felt, about
(b) displayed, in
(c) disclosed, besides
(d) conducted, through
(e) presented, though
Ques 13. The speech........with subtle threats has resulted in........tension in the sensitive areas of the city.
(a) started, reduced
(b) replete, increased
(c) full, escalating
(d) forced, dissolving
(e) followed, continuous
Ques 14. The minister felt that the........made by the committee was.....even though similar schemes had worked earlier.
(a) decision, gainful
(b) choice, profitable
(c) acceptance, approved
(d) election, acceptable
(e) recommendation, infeasible
Ques 15. We travel by air, but we.......train journey.
(a) spend, enjoy
(b) desire, commute
(c) afford, prefer
(d) decide, undertook
(e) become, accept
Ques 16. He was convinced that people were driven by........motives that he believed there was no such thing as a purely........act.
(a) personal, vengeful
(b) personal, eternal
(c) altruistic, praiseworthy
(d) ulterior, selfless
(e) sentimental, divine
Ques 17. I don’t.........I shall go.
(a) know, able
(b) consider, desirous
(c) think, able
(d) believe, liking
(e) feel, available

Answers :
(1) (c), (2) (c), (3) (b), (4) (a), (5) (a),
(6) (b), (7) (b), (8) (e), (9) (e), (10) (e),
(11) (b), (12) (d), (13) (b), (14) (e), (15) (c),
(16) (d), (17) (c).