Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Paragraph Completion Exercise - VIII

In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best answer choices given, to make the passage complete.

Paragraph 1.
When Myanmar’s previous president, Thein Sein, assumed charge in 2011, he presented a broad vision, including in foreign policy, before Parliament. _______________________________. On all substantial matters, the nation and the international community look to Ms. Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of the government, to articulate Myanmar’s goals and plans.

(A) On the contrary, Ms. Suu Kyi talked about the economic policy of the government in detail right after taking oath.
(B) In contrast, U Htin Kyaw, the new President, delivered the shortest possible speech in March 2016.
(C) Shortly after assuming office, Ms. Suu Kyi met foreign ambassadors in Naypyidaw and informed them that the new government’s aim was to foster “better relations with neighbours.
(D) Even as Beijing unleashed a charm offensive, Myanmar took its time to respond to its overtures.
Answers :
Correct Option: B
We can thus observe that the two statements mentioned above are contradictory to each other and option B fits in the context of the paragraph well.

Paragraph 2.
Any incremental spending focus should shift to the construction sector — rural housing and infrastructure. _________________________. Even with a lower share in GDP, it employs more workers than manufacturing.

(A) In addition, the labour force used in construction is largely unskilled or semi-skilled.
(B) Higher allocation and steps to boost this sector are needed as it is likeliest to absorb labour after agriculture.
(C) This is a key characteristic of the rural labour force.
(D) None of the above
Answers :
Correct Option: B
The original passage talks about spending more on the construction sector. The statement after the blank continues in terms of the positive tone and states a reason for spending more on this sector. Thus, we need a statement that justifies spending more on construction

Paragraph 3.
Surprisingly, the Survey is not too concerned about surplus financials savings flowing out from banks to the capital market. _________________________. A concern everywhere now is that as the market appears to be overvalued and is due for a correction. This could lead to significant losses for households that have moved to such riskier avenues to earn higher returns relative to deposit rates which are falling.

(A) This is interesting because at present, our investment and savings rates are both declining.
(B) Anecdotally, a high current account deficit can create a different set of problem when savings trails investment.
(C) This has been taken to be a positive fallout of demonetisation where funds have been directed to the market.
(D) None of the above
Answers :
Correct Option: C
The statement before the blank talks about the Survey not being too concerned about a large number of people moving towards capital markets. Ideally, the next statement should provide a reason for the same. We look for something that is positive in tone.

Paragraph 4.
Alphabet Inc's YouTube is creating scripted series and other original programming for international markets including France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and India to try to draw new customers to its paid subscription service. _________________. It will be produced in local languages and subtitled or dubbed for other markets. Some of the programming will appear on YouTube Premium, the monthly subscription service formerly called YouTube Red. Other content will be available on YouTube's free service with advertising. YouTube will be competing with companies including Netflix Inc and Inc that are investing in local language programming for online audiences around the world. _________________.

(A) YouTube already has released a handful of original shows in South Korea and one in India, a talk show in Hindi about cricket. / There are no current plans for more original children's programming as the company does not believe children's content will drive subscriptions to YouTube Premium at this time.
(B) The programmes will come in the form of multiple genres such as music documentaries, reality series, talk shows and scripted series/ In its bid to gain an edge over other streaming platforms YouTube has decided to collaborate with local streaming services.
(C) It's no secret that streaming giants Netflix and Amazon are spending large sums of money to strengthen their footholds in the digital video landscape./ The first original shows from YouTube debuted on its premium service in 2016, starting with series from some of the platform's most popular video creators.
(D) Both A and C
Answers :
Correct Option: B
The second filler is preceded by the discussion of the competition between YouTube and Netflix. So the sentence must take this forward. Only option B is suitable here.