Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Para Jumbles - XIII

Put the given sentences in each of the following questions in proper order

Ques 1.
(A) His mother was dead.
(B) They had not sent him the sad information.
(C) Probably they knew his deep love for her.
(D) When Gandhi returned to India his son Hiralal was four.
(a) DCAB
(b) DABC
(c) DBAC
(d) DCAB

Ques 2.
(A) It results from a carefully revised plan.
(B) Men work together for a cause or purpose.
(C) Team work does not just happen.
(D) It must be clearly known to them.
(a) BCAD
(b) CBDA
(c) BCDA
(d) CABD

Ques 3.
(A) I will give you a copy of it.
(B) The book was published in New York.
(C) It is a very interesting book.
(D) It deals with mankind’s political future.
(a) DCBA
(b) CBDA
(c) BDCA
(d) DBCA

Ques 4.
(A) He had inherited that money from an uncle.
(B) Mr Maini was an innocent man.
(C) It was regarding investing ten thousands rupees in my firm.
(D) He agreed to my proposal.
(a) DCAB
(b) BADC
(c) CDAB
(d) BDCA

Ques 5.
(A) His elbow was bleeding.
(B) He had a few bruises on his left hand.
(C) I went into the crowd and was relieved to see that he wasn’t very badly injured.
(D) A crowd gathered around my brother before he could stand up.
(a) BCDA
(b) DABC
(c) BADC
(d) DCBA

Ques 6.
(A) They were generally fed in the afternoon.
(B) But father said that it was most interesting to see them being fed.
(C) Gopal wanted to see the tigers and the lions first.
(D). When we entered the gate it was difficult to decide which way to go first.
(a) ACDB
(b) DCBA
(c) BCDA
(d) CBAD
Answers :
(1) (b), (2) (d), (3) (c), (4) (a), (5) (d), (6) (b).