Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Para Jumbles - V

In questions 1 to 5, there are six sentences marked S

Ques 1.
S1 : His wrist watch had gone out of order.
S6 : His estimate appeared reasonable.
P : He took it to a watch repairer.
Q : He gave an idea of the likely cost of the replacement based on the examination of the watch.
R : He found that some parts needed replacement.
S : The repairer opened the outer case and checked the parts.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) P Q S R
(b) R Q S P
(c) P S R Q
(d) R P S Q

Ques 2.
S1 : Now-a-days, soap is going almost out of use as a washing agent.
S6 : There are better washing agents than soap,but scientists are not yet sure if their use is harmless to man.
P : They produce lather due to the presence of calcium salts in water.
Q : Its place has been occupied by a new range of chemicals, called detergents.
R : So, they are called soapless soap.
S : Detergents are not soap because they are not sodium or potassium derivatives of fatty acids, as normal soap is.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) S Q R P
(b) Q S R P
(c) S Q P R
(d) Q P R S

Ques 3.
S1 : Our house is high up on the Yorkshire coast, and close to the sea.
S6 : Between the two, shifting backwards and forwards at certain seasons of the year, lies the most horrible quicksand on the shores of Yorkshire.
P : One is called the North spit and one the South.
Q : The sand hills here run down to the sea and end in two stretches of rock, sticking out opposite each other.
R : This one leads through a dark plantation of fir-trees, and brings you out between low cliffs to the loneliest and ugliest little bay on all our coast.
S : There are beautiful walls all around us in every direction except one.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) S Q R P
(b) Q S P R
(c) Q P S R
(d) S R Q P

Ques 4.
S1 : Unhappiness and discontent spring not only from poverty.
S6 : We suffer from sickness of spirit and hence we should discover our roots in the eternal.
P : Man is a strange creature fundamentally different from other animals.
Q : If they are undeveloped and unsatisfied, he may have all the comforts of the wealth, but will still feel that life is not worthwhile.
R : He has far horizons invariable hopes, spiritual powers.
S : What is missing in our age is the soul, there is nothing wrong with the body.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) P R Q S
(b) S P R Q
(c) S P Q R
(d) P R S Q

Ques 5.
S1 : Before we left Bareilly jail, a little incident took place which moved me then and is yet resh in my memory.
S6 : This spontaneous act of courtesy and the kindly thought that prompted, it touched me and I felt very grateful to him.
P : He told me the packet contained old German illustrated magazines.
Q : The superintendent of Police of Bareilly, an Englishman, was present there and as I got into the car, he handed to me rather shyly a packet.
R : I had never met him before, nor have I seen him since and I do not even know his name.
S : He said that he had heard that I was learning German and so he had bought these magazines for me.
The proper sequence should be :
(a) R Q P S
(b) Q P S R
(c) Q P R S
(d) R Q S P

Answers :
(1) (c), (2) (d), (3) (d), (4) (b), (5) (c).