Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Para Jumbles - IX

Rearrange the following five sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) in the proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below them

(A) A study to this effect suggests that the average white-collar worker demonstrates only about twenty five percent listening efficiency.
(B) However, for trained and good listeners it is not unusual to use all the three approaches during a setting, thus, improving listening efficiency.
(C) There are three approaches to listening; listening for comprehension, listening for empathy and listening for evaluation.
(D) Although, we spend nearly half of each communication interaction listening, we do not listen well.
(E) Each approach has a particular emphasis that may help us to receive and process information in different settings.

Ques 1. Which sentence should come SECOND in the paragraph ?
(a) A   (b) B   (c) C   (d) D   (e) E
Ques 2. Which sentence should come FIFTH in the paragraph ?
(a) A   (b) B   (c) C   (d) D   (e) E
Ques 3. Which sentence should come FOURTH in the paragraph ?
(a) A   (b) B   (c) C   (d) D   (e) E
Ques 4. Which sentence should come FIRST in the paragraph ?
(a) A   (b) B   (c) C   (d) D   (e) E
Ques 5. Which sentence should come THIRD in the paragraph?
(a) A   (b) B   (c) C   (d) D   (e) E
Answers :
(1) (e), (2) (a), (3) (d), (4) (c), (5) (b).