Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Paragraph Completion Exercise - X

In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best answer choices given, to make the passage complete.

Paragraph 1.
It may have been fitting that Russian President Vladimir Putin gifted a football to his American counterpart Donald Trump as they held their summit in Helsinki earlier this week. ____________________. Propaganda and psychological operations have been part of the artillery of warring nations forever. But technological enhancers like social media platforms and military-grade hacking have taken such machinations to another plane, with artificial intelligence poised to add another dimension to it. After all, how many countries would launch an actual conventional war over a cyber conflict that doesn’t occupy real territory but encroaches upon mind-space? That immunity breeds a sort of impunity.____________________.

(A) Trump, of course, scored the perfect own goal. / It isn’t just Russia alone, even China has repeatedly hacked America, as during the theft of nearly 21.5 million records of personnel between 2014 and 2015, to the recent stealing of naval data.
(B) This is where the United States needs to step up. Instead, Trump has dumped the country’s cyber-security czar. /At the United Nations, for instance, as the Council on Foreign Relations noted last year, the group of government experts that attempted to draft global norms including, holding a nation responsible for attacks that originated from its territory, was appreciated.
(C) Both A and B.
(D) None of the above
Answers :
Correct Option: A
The reference to football indicates that the next statement should ideally have some sort of conitnuation of the same. Option B is incorrect as it talks about issues faced by nations while building firewalls. Option C is incorrect as it talks about United States needing to step up. Option A is correct here as it continues in the same tone stating that Trump 'scored the perfect goal'.

Paragraph 2.
JBL has a new pocket-sized speaker in its ranks. It is called the JBL Go 2 (Rs 2,999) and is the successor to the JBL Go, which was launched three years ago. The JBL Go 2 retains the match box like form factor of the predecessor, yet looks more refreshing with the curved edges and the soft plastic finish that almost feels like rubber._________________________. It also comes in 12 eye-catching colour options such as ruby red, coral orange, deep sea blue and ash gray for buyers who like to flaunt their gadgets. The speaker grille is on the front panel with a light indicator towards the top. It glows when the speaker is switched on. The control panel, which includes buttons to switch on/off the device, adjust volume and initiate Bluetooth pairing, have been carved at the top for quick access. The buttons are soft and responsive, but have not been highlighted prominently using backlighting or a distinct colour._________________________. There is a flap cover on the side panel. It covers the micro USB slot (for charging) and the 3.5 mm jack (for wired playback).

(A) It weighs just 184g and is small enough to fit into a pocket or small handbag comfortably/ As a result they are barely visible until you look closely.
(B) JBL Go 2 also comes with IPx7 certification, which makes it water -proof up to 1 meters, meaning users won’t have to put it away if it’s raining./ The audio quality is crisp with decent amount of bass, which is more than adequate for causal use.
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the above
Answers :
Correct Option: A
The first filler is preceded by a discussion of the hardware features of the speakers and both option A and B provide continuity to the passage.

Paragraph 3.
For eating out in towns there is a marvelous variety of choice. Many of the Indian restaurants in particular, are very good indeed. _____. Some of them provide simple dishes, some more ambitious ones.

(A) On the whole the British prefer to eat at home
(B) But there are several other restaurants of different nationalities that are also extremely good
(C) Last night we had a most enjoyable dinner at that Chinese restaurant
(D) Even so, a lot of English people like wine with their meals
Answers :
Correct Option: B

Paragraph 4.
London has several dozen theatres. _____ Outside London some quite big towns have no professional theatres at all but usually there are amateur groups which produce interesting plays

(A) You find people from all over the world gathering here
(B) A successful play may run for even longer
(C) Local authorities give financial aid to those who need it
(D) Many of them are professional but some of them are amateur
Answers :
Correct Option: D