Sentence Rearrangement
General English

Fill in the Blanks - IV

PIn each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces in the given sentences. Below each sentence there are five pair of words denoted by numbers (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete

Ques 1. To ....... yourself from ........ wear warm clothes.
(a) prohibit, heat
(b) protect, cold
(c) save, heat
(d) suffer, cold
(e) prevent, ice
Ques 2. We.........him with many promises, but nothing would.....him.
(a) tempted, influence
(b) provoked, desicate
(c) attracted, fascinate
(d) gave, deprive
(e) negotiated, please
Ques 3. In his......., he followed the.....course.
(a) agony, funny
(b) ignorance, wrong
(c) hurry, diversified
(d) predicament, proper
(e) bewilderment, appropriate
Ques 4. The construction of the hall has been.......because of the.......cement in the market.
(a) held, non-availability
(b) denied, restrictions
(c) hampered, shortage
(d) prevented, supply
(e) completed, disappearance
Ques 5. Only when..........failed, the police resorted to.....
(a) efforts, power
(b) arrests, imprisonment
(c) persuasions, force
(d) power, punishment
(e) manipulations, arrests

Ques 6. The partners broke off as they found each other......of......breach of promise.
(a) faulty, severe
(b) responsible, serious
(c) guilty, flagranst
(d) accused, rigid
(e) None of these
Ques 7. They wanted to....all these books, but they could not find.....time to do so.
(a) cover, almost
(b) pursue, necessary
(c) dispose, some
(d) read, sufficient
(e) buy, some
Ques 8. Though he is reputed for his technical...., his books were sadly........of the work of others as he lacked originality.
(a) advice, unconscious
(b) skill, independent
(c) knowledge, ignorant
(d) expertise, derivative
(e) dependence, indicative
Ques 9. He had managed to........several times, but was the police.
(a) deceive, cheated
(b) defend, acquitted
(c) escape, arrested
(d) cheat, robbed
(e) abscond, kidnapped
Ques 10. The candidate’s the polls he won with a striking margin.
(a) claim, unrealistic
(b) victory, overwhelming
(c) image, real
(d) strategy, unsuccessful
(e) candidature, inappropriate
Ques 11. In......of International matters, there is always an element of risk might do.
(a) view, whichever
(b) many, doing
(c) defence, wrong
(d) case, whatever
(e) spite, whatever
Ques 12. We must prevent endangered wild animal species from order that our future generation may.....the great diversity of animal life.
(a) rare, escape
(b) outdated, know
(c) volatile, notice
(d) powerful, protect
(e) extinct, enjoy
Ques 13. We cannot....such a/an.....act of violence.
(a) tolerate, insipid
(b) consider, important
(c) commit, magnificent
(d) pardon, egregious
(e) neglect, insignificant
Ques 14. The secretary.........the society’s funds,.....he was dismissed.
(a) misplaced, soon
(b) rolled, thus
(c) pirated, therefore
(d) misappropriated, so
(e) None of these
Ques 15. The.......words of the mother comforted the........child.
(a) harsh, naughty
(b) sweet, happy
(c) soft, energetic
(d) melodious, playful
(e) None of the above
Ques 16. Santosh looked very happy and.........when he heard that his proposed scheme the committee.
(a) energetic, rejected
(b) elated, accepted
(c) satisfied, stalled
(d) disconsolate, approved
(e) overwhelming, received
Ques 17. It is indeed........that fifty years after independence, we have failed to.......a suitable education or examination system.
(a) bed, produce
(b) improper, create
(c) sad, evolve
(d) objectionable, present
(e) None of these
Ques 18. The bandit...........the traveller of his purse, gold and.......him grievously.
(a) snatched, hurt
(b) stole, injured
(c) demanded, beat
(d) robbed, wounded
(e) None of these

Answers :
(1) (b), (2) (a), (3) (b), (4) (c), (5) (c),
(6) (c), (7) (d), (8) (d), (9) (c), (10) (b),
(11) (d), (12) (e), (13) (d), (14) (d), (15) (d),
(16) (b), (17) (c), (18) (d).