Water & there Types

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Water is present almost everywhere. If the earth’s map is observed keenly, it is found that most of the area is blue, indicating the presence of water. About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is present in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ice caps, as groundwater and in the atmosphere. On the earth’s surface, there are three different forms of water namely solid, liquid and gaseous.

Types of Water

Hard Water :
Hard water is not good for drinking because its taste is not good, and it is harmful for the health. In it chloride, sulphate and bicarbonate of calcium and magnesium salts are dissolved. Also, washing soap doesn’t produce lather with hard water.

Soft Water :
Soft water is good for drinking because its taste is good and its is not harmful for the health. Washing soap produces leather with soft water.

Hardness of Water

The hardness of water is of two types :
1. Permanent Hardness
2. Temporary Hardness

1. Permanent Hardness
The existence of the hardness of water due to the chloride and sulphate of the Calcium and Magnesium salts is called permanent hardness of water. The permanent hardness of water is removed by mixing sodium carbonate in it, and sometimes, it is also removed by boiling the hard water by the means of distillation.

2. Temporary Hardness
The existence of the hardness of water due to the bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium salts is called temporary hardness of water. The temporary hardness of water can be removed by boiling it. If sodium carbonate is mixed up to the water and boiled then both permanent and temporary types of hardness can be removed.

Facts about Water

❖ Water is said to be a universal solvent, because it has the ability to dissolve many substances within itself. Also, due to a larger value of the dielectric constant, water is assumed to be the best solvent.

❖ The purest form of ice that is virus free, geologically primitive, and nearly 2000-3000 years old is called blue ice. It is generally found in Greenland. Blue ice is used in making the whisky (wine).

❖ If an ordinary water is boiled in a container for a longer time, then a white coloured thick layer laminates the inner surface of the container, which is the carbonate of calcium and magnesium.

❖ The water exists in a liquid state because of hydrogen bond.

❖ The water is purified by KMnO4, Cl2 gas, potash alum, etc.

Poly Water :
The chemical composition of the poly water is similar to an ordinary water, and it is prepared in the hair-shaped capillary. It freezes at -40°C, and its boiling point is 500°C. Poly water is assumed to be the most dangerous substance on the earth’s surface.

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