General Knowledge

Silicon & Phosphorus


Symbol : Si,
Atomic Number — 14,
Mass Number — 28

Occurrence and uses of Silicon :
Silicon occurs in nature abundantly in the form of sand and stone but never found in free state. This is a non-metallic element, which also exhibits the characteristic of allotropy. The hydride of the silicon is called Silane.


Symbol : P,
Atomic Number — 15,
Mass Number — 31

Occurrence and Extraction of Phosphorus :
Phosphorus is a very reactive non-metal and easily catches fire in air in nature and that’s why phosphate. Animal bones contain nearly 58% calcium phosphate, while it is found in small amounts in blood and urine of the animals as well as in the plants. There are various ores of phosphorus existing in nature, and a few of them are phosphorite [Ca3(PO2)2], chloraphite [Ca3(PO4)2CaCl2], and redonda phosphate (A1PO4).