General Knowledge



Symbol : Ag,
Atomic Number — 47,
Mass Number — 108

Physical and Chemical Properties :
This is a white, shining, solid metallic substance, malleable and ductile. This is the best conductor of heat and electricity. The relative density of it is 10.47, while its melting point and boiling point are 960°C and 1,955°C.

Uses of Silver :
Silver is used in making ornaments, utensils, coins, silver pt. alloy in filling of tooth cavities, silver plating, etc.


Silver Chloride (AgCl):
This is called Horn silver, which is frequently used in making photochromic glass.

Silver Iodide (Agl) :
It is used in producing artificial rains.

Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) :
This is used as a laboratory reagent in making hair dyes, in electroplating of silver compounds, in making special ink which is used by washerman in clothes marking, and as a voter-marker on the finger of the hand.