General Knowledge



Symbol : Hg,
Atomic Number — 80,
Mass Number — 200

Physical and Chemical Properties :
Mercury is a white, shining metal like silver which occurs in the liquid state at an ordinary temperature.

Uses of Mercury :
Mercury is a very useful liquid metal used in making mercury thermometer, barometer, and used as a contact liquid in electrical industrial preparation of vermillion.

Compounds of Mercury

Mercurous Chloride (Hg2Cl2) :
This is also called calomel. It is a white, crystalline powder which is insoluble in water and dil. acids.

Mercuric Chloride (HgCl2) :
This is also called corrosive sublimate which is a deadly poison. This is a colourless, crystalline solid, which is moderately soluble in cold water but extremely soluble in hot water.

Mercuric Sulphide (HgS) :
This is also called vermillion, which is a red colour solid crystalline substance.