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Inert Gases

Inert Gases

Helium (He)

This is a light non-volatile gas, and it is the second largest element found in the universe. Helium is used in filling the tyres of the aircraft, and due to its lightness with comparison to air, it helps in uplifting the aircrafts to upward. To obtain the weather related information’s or observations, helium gas-filled balloons are left in open sky, and relevant predictions and calculations are made. The mixture of helium and oxygen is used by deep sea diver (sailor) on the behalf of air, because, at larger pressure, helium is less soluble than nitrogen. The mixture of helium and oxygen is also used in artificial breathing, specially to the patients suffering from asthma in hospitals. Liquid helium is used as a low temperature reagent in the experiments occurring at a low temperature.

Neon (Ne)

This gas is frequently used in fluorescent bulbs and in glazing advertisement. This is also used in Neon lamp through which symbolic indication is given to the aircrafts pilot at the aerodrome or airport. Infact, this light of the lamp extremely shines in the fog. Thus, neon is today used frequently in discharge lamps and fluorescent bulbs, which are used frequently in the advertisement.

Argon (Ar)

This is the most abundantly occurring gas in the atmosphere, and it is used in filling the ordinary electric bulbs, because, in the presence of this gas, filaments of the bulb have a longer live and remain intact even after the regular and longer use. This gas is also used in high temperature metallurgical operations and the processes involve behind it or in creating vacuum (being evacuated) in the arch welding of the alloys.

Xenon (Xe)

This gas forms the maximum number of chemical compounds.

Redon (Rn)

This is a radioactive element. This element is used in Radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer.