General Knowledge

Use of some popular acid

Use of some popular acid

Uses of HCl

(i) HC1 present in gastric juices are responsible for the digestion.
(ii) Used as bathroom cleaner.
(iii) As a pickling agent before galvanization.
(iv) In the tanning of leather.
(v) In the dying and textile industry.
(vi) In the manufacture of gelatine from bones.

Uses of HNO3

(i) In the manufacture of fertilizers like ammonium nitrate.
(ii) In the manufacture of explosives like TNT (Trinitro toluene), TNB (Trinitro benzene), Picric acid (Trinitro phenol) etc.
(iii) Nitro Glycerine (Dynamite)
(iv) Found in rain water (first shower)
(v) It forms nitrates in the soil.
(vi) In the manufacture of rayon.
(vii) In the manufacture of dyes & drugs.

Uses of Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)

(i) In lead storage battery.
(ii) In the manufacture of HC1.
(iii) In the manufacture of Alum.
(iv) In the manufacture of fertilizers, drugs, detergents & explosives.

Use of Boric acids

(i) As an antiseptic

Uses of Phosphoric acid

(i) Its calcium salt makes our bones.
(ii) It forms phosphatic fertilizers.
(iii) PO4-3 is involved in providing energy for chemical reactions in our body.

Uses of Ascorbic acid

Source of Vitamin C

Uses of Citric acid

Flavouring agent & food preservative.

Uses of Acetic acid

Flavouring , agent & food preservative.

Uses of Tartaric acid

(i) Souring agent for pickles
(ii) A component of powder (sodium bicarbonate + tartaric acid)