General Knowledge

Metal and their Compounds

Metal and their Compounds

Those elements which can donate electrons and form cations are called metals, like Na, Ca, and Mg.

Physical Properties of Metals

1. Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.
2. They are ductile in nature.
3. They have lustre.
4. They are solid at room temperature (only Hg Mercury is liquid in nature at room temperature).
5. They all have high values of boiling point and melting point.
6. They all have high density (only sodium and potassium have low density).
7. Metals are sonorous in nature (means they produce sound).
8. Metals have high tensile strength.

Chemical Properties of Metals

1. Produce many compound after reaction with no-metals.
2. They form cation after losing an electron.
3. They produce metal oxide after reaction with oxygen, and metal oxides are basic in nature.
4. They produce metal hydroxide after adding water in them.