General Knowledge



Symbol: U,
Atomic Number — 92,
Mass Number — 238

Physical and Chemical Properties :
This is a lustrous, white metal, and k is malleable and too ductile but an impure brittle metal. This is the most radioactive element which occurs naturally. This is paramagnetic and has a relative density. Uranium is also called metal of hope.

» Melting point and Boiling point are 19.05, 1850°C and 3500°C respectively.

Isotopes of Uranium

» There are three isotopes of uranium — 92U234, 92U235, and 92U238.

» The most abundantly occurring uranium in nature is 92U238 (99.28%), while 92U235 (0.71%) and 92U234 (0.006%) occur in very small amounts.

» The isotope 92U235 is used in nuclear (atomic) reactor as a nuclear fuel.