Internal DOS commands

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Internal DOS commands

These are those commands for which the code for executing them is stored in COMMAND.COM and they execute without the requirement of any other file. When an internal command is issue by the user, the transient portion knows what to do and executes that command.


It displays the current system date and prompts you to change the date, if necessary.
Syntax : C:\>date < mm-dd-yy >


It sets the computer‘s internal clock if command is issued with parameters otherwise displays the systemtime.
Syntax : C:\>time < hours: minutes: seconds: hundredths >

Clear Screen

It clears the screen. The cleared screen shows only the command prompt and the blinking cursor.
Syntax : C:\>cls


Ver command displays the MS-DOS version no.
Syntax : C:\>ver


It displays the current volume label and the serial number of the specified drive. If drive specifier is omitted Vol takes the current drive by default.
Syntax : C:\vol < d:>


It enables the DOS to check for Ctrl + C and Ctrl – break as the signal to terminate the current program less frequently. If you run Break without any parameters, the current state of break checking is displayed.
Syntax : C:\>break < on/off >


It creates a multilevel directory.
Syntax : C:\>MKDIR (or MD) < drive: > < path >


It changes the current directory or displays the name of the current directory.
Syntax : C:\>CHDIR (or CD) < drive: > < path >


It displays the list of the files and sub-directories that are in the directory specified.
Syntax : C:\> dir < drive: > < path > < filename >


It copy one or more files to the location specified and can also be used to combine.
Syntax : C:\>copy < source > < target >


It is the line-oriented text editor.
Syntax : C:\>EDLIN < filename >


It deletes the files specified.
Syntax : C:\>del < drive: > < path > < filename >


It chanes the appearance of the command prompt or displays the current prompt.
Syntax : C:\>prompt < text >


It removes the directory.
Syntax : C:\>RMDIR (or RD) < drive: > < path >

Rename (or REN)

It changes the name of the file or files specified and can also rename all files matching the specified filename.
Syntax : C:\>rename (or REN) < drive: > < path >< original filename > < changed filename >


It displays the contents of a text file or view the contents of any text file without modifying it.
Syntax : C:\>type < drive: > < path > < filename >


It is used to earch for the executable files in the directories specified.
Syntax : C:\> path < drive: > < path > < ………… >


It verifies that the files are written correctly to the disk.
Syntax : C:\>verify

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